Guitar Versus Drums – What Should You Choose?

Music has always been the most universal language, but when it comes to actually speaking it yourself the choices can be overwhelming. Should you play the guitar or the drums? Which one will serve your way of expression better? If you’re having trouble deciding which one of these instruments you want to learn first, here are some thoughts to put it in perspective.

They Are Both Difficult To Master

There will always be a debate about which instruments are harder to play, but between the drums and guitar the difficulty level is pretty balanced. For example, with the guitar you only use your hands, but it also requires a more focused precision. The changes are smaller and more detailed.

With the drums there is more room to work with, but you have to use all of your limbs. To make it worse, each limb keeps a unique beat. So while it may look easier to play one or the other, remember that professionals make it look easy. Once you pick up that guitar or sit in front of a drum set, your confidence won’t be so strong anymore.

The Difference In Expression

It’s obvious by now that both instruments can be used for a wide variety of music. In fact, finding a genre where they can’t be used will be nearly impossible. However, they are very different in terms of expressing oneself.

For the drums it’s a very physical experience. You need to be fit and your body has to develop a perfect tempo. Drummers are typically more physically invested.

In terms of guitar the experience is more mindful. You are trying to connect the chords in your mind with the tips of your fingers, and ultimately express a thought.

The Guitar Is Portable

This is a small advantage the guitar has over the drums, because it’s easier to move around. Unless you only want to play the bongos and other hand drums, it’s going to be hard dragging the drum set around.  

You Don’t Have To Choose

If you think about it, you don’t have to make this difficult choice. If you like them both then learn what each one has to offer. If you’re thinking about the drums, consider this Drumeo Edge review.

In fact, once you’ve learned one instrument it gets a lot easier to expand your skills to others. So instead of asking whether you should play the guitar or drums, rather think about which one to learn first.

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